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Looking Real Sex Dating Wife sexually attracted to another man

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Wife sexually attracted to another man

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Someone that I can have a great connection. And good luck on your search. Take care of each .

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Yes, full-on crushes. Like when she flirts with someone, daydreams about him, and doodles his name on her Lisa Frank notebook.

Or as one study participant put it: In the study, women who had been in a relationship for at least 3 years answered open-ended questions about their crushes. The main thing we learned: Now for the dirty details. Many women described their crushes as casual and purely physical.

Others talked about feeling chemistry or an emotional attractee with the other guy. A quarter of the crushes were on a coworker. Exes and close friends were also common culprits.

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The good news: Her crush sexualpy absolutely nothing to do with you or your relationship, says Mullinax. Attraction to other people is practically inevitable, regardless of whether your marriage is struggling or rock-solid.

Many respondents went out of their way to specify that they would never act on their feelings. And of all the women who confessed to having crushes on other guys, only 5 percent admitted to infidelity.

The total percentage of people who cheat is actually much higher, around 20 percent for both men and women, according to other research from Indiana University. Read more: In fact, many women said their feelings for the other guys even improved their relationships.

Just know this: The more a woman fantasizes, the greater her sexual desire, says Mullinax. And a faithful wife who craves sex is nothing but good news for you.

Remember, 95 percent of these women never strayed.

Other respondents said that thinking about being with another man reminded them of why they were with their partner. For example: It all depends on what works for you.

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Talk about it. Telling your partner about your crushes can make them less of a threat, says Mullinax.

Wife sexually attracted to another man

Keeping it to yourself can be healthy, too, says Mullinax. Some people would rather not think about their life partner having the hots for someone else—you probably know if your wife is one of. As one woman put it: This why the avoidance technique employed by many of the study respondents is smart: Especially when drunk. Attracted go ahead and tk Keeping your crush all in your head is what works for many people. Some women wrote that they wife sexually attracted to another man during masturbation or sex, and that was enough to satisfy their desires.

Wife sexually attracted to another man Look Real Dating

Above all, know that crushes anotheer harmless The researchers did notice a trend in the few relationships that were negatively affected by crushes: The couples tended to demonize attraction to other people. If you assume that your partner will never be attracted to someone else—or that attraction will inevitably lead to infidelity—it will cause disappointment and conflict, Mullinax wife sexually attracted to another man.

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