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In the wake of last Friday's massacre near the University of California, Santa Barbara, and suspect Elliot Rodger's misogynistic manifestoa new Tumblr tumblr california sex is highlighting violence inflicted on women when they reject sexual advances. Called " When Women Refuse ," the site collects stories of violent attacks on women who turned down male sexual advances.

Califotnia tumblr california sex the attacks, and provides article links about.

See also: One submission, titled "Lauren Astley murdered for making sure her sexx was okay," describes an incident in which an ex-boyfriend of year-old Astley killed tumblr california sex after she broke up with. When she reached out to him to make sure he was doing okay, he murdered. If he couldn't have her, nj bdsm one.

He has since been convicted," the Tumblr page says. Violence against women has been called the world's "most pervasive yet least recognized human-rights abuse," according to the Tumblr california sex Nations Population Fundan international-development agency promoting women's rights.

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After Rodger, 22, killed six people before shooting himself, the topic of violence against tumblr california sex became a focus of public conversation. Rodger's page manifesto demonstrates his sense of sexual entitlement to female affection. There is something very wrong with. califrnia

It is an injustice that cannot go unpunished," he wrote. In addition to the "When Women Refuse" Tumblr california sex tumbor, which launched Monday, many women shared their experiences with harassment and sexual assault on Twitter, using the hashtag YesAllWomen.

What happens to women when they refuse a man's advances? The phenomenon of men exercising violence against women for calufornia their advances is hardly unusual http: This is so horrifying, but evidence of what YesAllWomen has been trying to communicate. WhenWomenRefuse http: These stories are tragic, but they are exactly why we need to raise tumblr california sex and create a change.

As of Wednesday night, the hashtag has been tumblr california sex to nearly 2 million tweets since it launched on May 24, according to analytics firm Topsy. We're using cookies to improve your experience.

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