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I slept with two guys in the same week Ready Hookers

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I slept with two guys in the same week

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If you think the secret won't keep -- and assume the worst on this -- it would be a whole lot worse for your relationship for Mr. Boyfriend to learn it from the grapevine than from you.

teo It probably is unusual, but often where there's a sperm, there's a way. I'm sorry, but I wouldn't advise investing a lot of hope in the theory that all three-day sperms are going to lose out to eeci escort ones.

I Seeking Sexual Dating I slept with two guys in the same week

Two reasons come to mind that what you are saying is not that reassuring: It's based on the fact that the x's swim fast and die out sooner and the y's swim slower but last longer. You're supposed to have sex and then refrain for three days, if you want a girl.

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They wouldn't be writing books on that method if all three-day old spermies are weak, old sperm that cannot free classified sites no registration the egg. I was not douching, and I was also at that time using vaginal cream ointment so im not sure if any of that can affect those sperm cells because at that time I was i slept with two guys in the same week Clotrimazole so im not sure if that would have anything to do and the dr told me I conceived feb 1: If yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis would kill sperm, a whole lotta woman would not come up with accidental pregnancies.

I Am Search Hookers I slept with two guys in the same week

Hey, maybe it is your boyfriend's. But you are just going to have to do a DNA test to know.

There are prenatal DNA tests that can be done, but please do your research, some of them are absolutely not worth the money, for all the inaccuracies they produce. A couple of the companies have good enough names.

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That said, the prenatal tests are much more expensive than ones done after the baby is born, and so when you add that the ones done later are more thf, you might not want to go that route. I went in for an u.

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Anyone know what that means? Next Page.

Sex with two guys in one week - DNA / Paternity - MedHelp

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Ask a Question. Top Pregnancy Answerers.

It could be. Sperm can survive for about 5 days. You will need a DNA test to be certain. Couldn't find what you looking for? What Now?

This is a question for your OB to help you figure. But the only way to find out for sure is a dna test. Our dates are pretty similar No way of knowing.

But you should tell your boyfriend that there's a possibility that he is ethiopian handsome guys the father.

If A Girl Has Sex With Two Guys In The Same Week 5days Apart Who Is The DAD - Health - Nigeria

There is no way to know this, given hte was one day apart. Sperm lives for days inside you. Not even your doctor can guess. The only way is with a paternity test. Based on your dating ultrasound 8 weeks when are you due? My asian girls will give you most accurate info as to when you conceived.

As you had sex on april 10th with the guy 1 so he is unlikely to make you late and got my period like a week n half after i had sex wit guy #1 on 4/10 sorry The guy two just pulled out but it doesn't prevent pregnancy as i told that . I had sex with guy #1 twice on the same day between June 17 and June. I had sex with 2 different guys a week apart, who is most likely to be the . different circumstances but same “don't know” so don't feel bad. If A Girl Has Sex With Two Guys In The Same Week 5days Apart Who Is For example if her eggs where not released before the first guy slept.

There is always worse.