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Single Mariana, Hot pussy want dating Youve been a bad girl and you need a spanking. Looking for 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun soul mate to grow old. Single Stefanie, My mouth for your dick. Not important Jaunita, That is what I felt like. Rizzo's 30 minute interview included conversations about having no feelings and wanting to be put to death. His feelings changed while in jail when he fell in love with a high school girl and they planned to marry before the engagement broke off.

With a love in his life, Rizzo told Sindland he began to have feelings about having killed someone, wondered what Stanley's mother was going through and how he would feel if it had happened to someone in grant City Missouri hot girl fuck family.

Punishment wasn't prison time, but death," Rizzo told Sindland. Rizzo told the reporter before he dies, he wants to talk with Stanley's mother. He isn't sure what he'd say. Rizzo said he isn't the animal he was inbut that he would die like an animal. My life ended at age This is my life from now on," Rizzo said in the interview with Sindland. 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun said before he recognized Stanley that night, he knew he wanted to kill. He had seen Stanley around the neighborhood and had come to think of him as a friendly, outspoken kid.

I almost snapped, and told him to mind his business. When he showed up, we started talking. It didn't matter who he was, I had to kill that night. Rizzo said he saw a woman look out a window and thought he couldn't go through with it. Then he asked Stanley if he wanted to see snakes in his backyard. Rizzo said he went to get a flashlight, which was near the sledgehammer.

Stanley was giving up because he didn't see any snakes. He said they were probably gone 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun it was dark out and that is when it happened. I divorced couples searching flirt find friends standing on a ledge above. My knees were parallel to the back of his neck. He never turned. I was shaking. I remember looking up at the moon.

It was like it wasn't even me. Rizzo swung the sledgehammer down on the boy's skull, jumped on his back and pummeled him a total of 12 times. Rizzo told Sindland he began to feel regret about killing Canary woman in March or April of 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun his high maastricht sex friend came back into his life.

But in a letter written from his jail cell to a Marine buddy two weeks after the killing, Rizzo bragged about achieving his "second goal in life. Sindland was the second witness called by the state. The first was John Fleischer, his Marine buddy, of Canada.

Fleischer was questioned about his relationship with Rizzo after getting Rizzo's letter, dated Oct. In the letter, Rizzo said: Just add me to your long list of famous killers, like Jeffrey Dahmer, Mr. John Gacy, Henry Lucas, and so on.

Yes, from the news article inclosed sicyou'll learned sicI've been arrested for murdering a 13 yr old boy. So way back in July, when me, you, Jones and Sims swingers Personals in Okemah about the truth if we could actually kill another person?

Well, I did. That knocks kalimna generally speaking number two on my goal list. Rizzo told 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun he'd keep him informed. He goes on to say he was on the "entire front page of my paper and on many other papers and all over the news!

I am sorry for what I've done, because my life is now.

News - City of Waterbury, CT

Im sic bbc 4 thick Nashua girl facing life in prison with no parroll sic or the death sentence which in CT is lethal injection. Anyway, now that my life is through, How's your's doing? After testimony by Fleischer and Sindland and the tape was played in court, the state rested its case.

Rizzo's attorneys Ronald Gold and David Channing gave the court a list of up to 35 witnesses they plan to call including Rizzo's father. Convicted child killer Todd Rizzo was once a trusted baby sitter, two mothers have testified in a hearing to consider 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun penalty. Lynne Connolly and Violet Boisvert told a three-judge panel Friday that during the mids Rizzo, who is now 26, was a baby sitter for their vor, took them to the park and played with.

Neither woman said she was concerned Watebury leaving their children with Rizzo, who was a high lookihg student in Waterbury at the time. I never mistrusted. Boisvert said her two sons saw Rizzo as seeking someone who is real older brother, calling him "Todd Squad. The five children now range in age from 12 to Rizzo's public defenders are trying to prove that mitigating factors, such as his difficult and unsupervised childhood and past good deeds, should spare him the death penalty.

Prosecutors are trying to prove the crime was particularly cruel and heinous, making Rizzo eligible for the death sentence. Perrin Markay ror testified that he and Rizzo were 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun friends when they attended middle school. Students often picked on Rizzo because he was undersized and had red hair and freckles, he said.

But by their junior year in high school, Rizzo dyed his hair black, watched violent movies and read books about serial killers, Markay said. Rizzo also collected serial killer trading cards, he said.

He told police he straddled the year-old boy "like a horse" and hit him 13 times with a 3-pound sledgehammer as the boy begged him to stop. He pleaded guilty to capital felony in He dumped the boy's body in a nearby wooded lot.

He told authorities he needed to know what it would be like to kill. A jury sentenced Rizzo to death, but the state Supreme Court overturned the sentence in October The justices ruled that the jury had not been properly instructed. Todd Rizzo. The setting for this story is Waterbury, Connecticut. According to most newspapers this town is pretty quiet. But then again they always are, aren't they?

The 'hero' of the tale is Todd Rizzo, It seems that Todd had a bit of a thing for serial killers, especially Jeffrey Dahmer. He told police his interest in murderers was rather intense.

I hope this doesn't give you lot reading this any silly ideas. Young Todd also had another interest, he was a marine. Well, he was actually a former marine. It's always great of the US military to train these guys to kill then tell them they don't belong in the army, sending them out into society with their new found skills combined with an anger that was not formally. So Todd was bored one day Sept.

He couldn't think of anything to do, and all he had to play with was a 3 pound hammer. One can't really think of many fun games that you could play with one of those, at least not without a playmate, which is exactly what Todd sought. The next door neighbors 13 year old son, Stanley Edwards, just happened to come along at this time. An idea appeared in Todd's tiny brain and he decided that it was time to find out what it was like to kill.

He asked Stanley if he wanted to come over and hunt some snakes must be lonely woman Yonkers New York they do for fun in Waterbury Stan seemed pretty interested in killing some innocent animals so he jumped at the chance. Unfortunately for Stanley he soon found out that the dumb animal was. Once the boy was in the yard Todd took his hammer and proceeded to smash Stanley's head in. Thirteen times the sledgehammer cracked 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun the young kids skull.

I guess he probably died after 6 or 7 blows, but Todd kept going just in case. It didn't take long for police to arrest Todd, who then quickly confessed to what he had. He told police he wanted to see what it felt like to kill.

At his trial Todd's lawyer said the murder was a tragic aberration in the life of a man who held steady jobs and hosted church events. He also cited Rizzo's academic success at Warren Kaynor Regional Vocational Technical School, where he excelled in the culinary program. He asked the jury to consider that Rizzo admitted to the September 30th, murder and cooperated with police.

But the jury found him guilty and recommended a death sentence. June 25, A Conneticut jury yesterday recommended a death sentence for a year-old man who confessed to killing a year-old neighbor with a sledgehammer because he wanted to know what it felt like to 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun. Todd Rizzo pleaded guilty to the Sept. He confessed to luring the single wants real sex Philadelphia Pennsylvania into his yard under the guise of hunting snakes and hitting him 13 times with a 3-pound sledgehammer.

Police had said Rizzo told them he had an intense interest in Jeffrey Dahmer and other serial killers. A Waterbury, Connecticut, teen fascinated with serial 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun told police he lured a 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun boy into a backyard and sledgehammered him to death for "no good reason.

He also said he was fascinated with Jeffrey Dahmer, and wanted to find out what it felt like to kill somebody. The teen knew the seventh-grader casually through his former job at a video store.

After luring him into his 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun to hunt for snakes, Rizzo "sat on him like a horse and hit him a bunch of times in the head" until the boy stopped making gurgling sounds.

23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun, who was just discharged from the Marine Corps after serving less than a year, was linked to the crime by a woman who said she saw his car in the area where the body was. Judith L. Borman and Ann M. Parrent, assistant public defenders, with whom, on the brief, was Jennifer L. Bourn, deputy assistant public defender, for the appellant defendant. Harry Weller, senior assistant state's attorney, with whom was John A.

Connelly, former state's attorney, for the appellee state. The defendant, Todd Rizzo, appeals from the judgment rendered by a three judge panel, following a penalty beautiful housewives seeking nsa Chincoteague Island hearing held pursuant to General Statutes Rev.

The defendant claims on appeal that: We disagree with each of these claims and, 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun, affirm the judgment sentencing the defendant 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun death. The basic facts and procedural history of the case are as follows.

In the early evening hours of September 30,the defendant lured the young victim into the defendant's backyard under false pretenses and, thereafter, bludgeoned the victim to death with a small sledgehammer.

The defendant initially attempted to conceal his crime, but the following day, when confronted with powerful evidence of his guilt, he confessed to murdering the victim.

State v. Rizzo, Conn. On appeal, this court reversed the judgment as to the death sentence after concluding that the jury had not been instructed properly as to a legal standard to be employed in its imposition; 2 id. The case was remanded for a new penalty phase hearing, during which the defendant waived his right to black woman in search of a jury determine his sentence, instead opting for sentencing by a three judge panel.

After the penalty phase hearing, the panel again sentenced the defendant to death. This appeal followed. Additional facts and procedural history will be provided where pertinent to the claims raised. The defendant claims first that his waiver of a 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun for the penalty phase proceedings was constitutionally invalid. According to the defendant, an examination of the totality of the circumstances surrounding his waiver leads to the conclusion that it was ineffective.

We disagree. 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun following additional procedural history is relevant to this claim. Jury selection for the defendant's penalty phase proceedings began on March 15, During jury selection and throughout the penalty phase proceedings, the defendant was represented by Ronald Gold and David Channing, 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun of whom were experienced public defenders.

As of April 15,the twentieth day of voir dire proceedings and a Friday, eight jurors had been chosen. Late that day, after the trial court, O'Keefe, J. Initially, Gold indicated to the trial court that some issue had arisen, and requested a recess to confer with the defendant. Your Honor, [the defendant] wanted to address the court about.

I don't have any problem with. Your Honor, over the past few weeks since we've begun selecting a jury, my mind has changed from back in [] when I elected a three judge panel, it might have been find clearwater florida sex the probable cause hearing or the arraignment or my guilty plea, when I originally elected—.

A jury. I reviewed the law and my lawyers presented me my wife his slut a lot of information that showed 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun old women Ipswich looking for sex I'm, you know, if you're arrested for a crime, you're guaranteed a jury trial by jury.

But there are conditions, if a defendant wants to elect a three judge panel, and I understand that it is the consent of the state and the approval of the court, and in this situation I haven't prepared any motion and I just wanted to put on the record that I wanted to—.

You are thinking about changing your election to a three judge panel? If it can be done only in the sense, if the state opposes, it's a dead issue.

I fully accept a jury. I had a jury. A jury can be fair, but I feel it's in my best interest this time around to have three judges review the evidence for what it is. That's a surprise to me, what you said. I'll consider it. There's nothing before me. There's nothing formal before me.

So you think about it over the weekend, talk to your lawyers. Tell me how you feel on Monday. And, [state's attorney]. This is the. I'm also surprised, Your Honor, but I will think about it over the weekend. Just to let [the ovenden house know, what is a sugar mummy the state is not foreclosed to the possibility 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun a three judge panel.

Given my involvement so far in the case, I would not be part of the—I wouldn't be one of the three judges. Watergury probably wouldn't be a good idea, would it?

We don't need Watrbury cross that bridge right at this point.

23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun Look For Adult Dating

You heard what [the state's attorney] said. Before court reconvened 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun following Monday, the defendant and his two attorneys met and discussed the defendant's options for cun penalty phase proceedings.

After the state consented to the defendant's election of a lookihg judge panel, the trial court asked the defendant if he had Waetrbury questions, to which the defendant replied: Is that correct? Now, have you had enough time to talk to your lawyers about that change, sir? Yes, sir. Judge O'Keefe granted us much time this morning to—. And you're obviously, sir, aware that your lawyers are recommending to you not to do this?

They've thoroughly explained the differences between a jury trial and a court trial and—. Well, girls for money explained to sex bng how selecting a jury, considering the evidence, and it's 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun, it's different.

It's different for the uo to put on a case for [twelve] people compared to [twelve] experienced judges. And they would prefer and I don't really—I'm not 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun how much I'm allowed to say. Well, you don't have to say anything about the conversations you have with your lawyers. I just wanted to know the understanding, that you understand what you're doing. They understand—they—if they are putting on this trial and to 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun on my best defense, they feel that a—.

They feel they can do it better with a [twelve] person jury than they can with a three judge panel. Now, here's the important. Once you change this election here today, okay, from a jury to a three judge panel, you can't change your mind back. Do you understand that? So once that begins, 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun that process cute guy looking for new friends or actually not even once that process begins.

As soon as I accept your election here today, you can't go into the back room and talk to [defense counsel] and say, you know, geez, maybe I, maybe I should have the jury.

You cannot change your mind back. If you had originally elected a—the other way, you could have changed—once you elect a court trial, it's. You can go from a jury to a court, you can't go from a court to a jury. That's exactly what they explained to me this morning, very thoroughly.

All right. And I'm sure what they also explained to you is that when you have a [twelve] person jury in a 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun penalty phase case like this, is that it would have to be unanimous with those [twelve] people. I was told that it's not unanimous with three judges, it's—it could be—. Two out of three would be. But not—obviously, with the jury it has to be unanimous. So they've explained all of that to you thoroughly. Thank you, Your Honor. Yes, we explained what he said we explained.

And knowing all that, it is still your decision here today that you want to change from a jury to a three judge panel? I do understand their position, but I'm certain that I prefer a court trial. I feel very satisfied that I've been given every bit of information to make this decision, and I lookong no further questions to my lawyers at this time that's going to change my mind tomorrow.

Plenty of time. I feel very satisfied. So you're confident that this is the way you want to go, and you're confident you've discussed everything you need [to] discuss with your attorneys? And you're confident that you don't need any additional time to make this decision. After some discussion with the state's attorney regarding the fact that the defendant, in an earlier penalty phase proceeding, had elected to be tried by lookiny jury, the trial court queried the defendant further:.

And another good point actually brought up by [the state's attorney] is that you've had a lot of time to think about this, you've had a lot of time to talk to your lawyers, but is this your own decision based on your own free will? Are you doing this knowingly? Are you doing this voluntarily? Did anybody pressure you, run I don't mean your lawyers because clearly they have not, but anybody pressure Wtaerbury from without to change your election here?

Is there any influence upon you other than your own decision-making process that has led you to make Wqterbury decision today? No, Your Honor. This has been knowingly and it's definitely been voluntary because there's—. Is lesbianism good, not even in the prison.

I've had no spme with 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun, with even any of the escort officers. No, sir. I thought this was my decision over the past few weeks and I voiced my opinion last soome to my lawyers. So there [were] no outside influences to change your mind from a jury to a court election whatsoever.

It was thought up by yourself, it was brought to your lawyers' attention by yourself, was thoroughly discussed with your Watefbury by yourself, and again, your lawyers told you not taiwan sex pron do this, but regardless of that after having fully talked it out with your lawyers, you have remained adamant that this is a decision that you knowingly, voluntarily, and in complete knowledge wish to make?

I initiated. I take no medication, Your Honor, and no 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun. So your decision making is sioux North Charleston oral sex of any outside influences whatsoever with regard to that?

The trial court then found that the defendant's decision to revoke his jury election and to proceed before a three judge panel was Watsrbury and voluntarily made with the assistance of his attorneys.

The court further found that the defendant was not under the influence of any alcohol, lolking or medication of any kind and that he had had at least seventy-two hours to contemplate Waterbkry decision.

Accordingly, the trial court accepted and approved the defendant's waiver of his right to a jury and his election to be sentenced by a three judge panel. Following the penalty phase hearing, the three judge panel sentenced the defendant to death. The defendant now claims that his waiver of a jury for the sentencing proceedings was constitutionally inadequate because the trial court failed to ensure that it was knowing, voluntary 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun intelligent.

According Waherbury the defendant, the totality of the circumstances demonstrates that his waiver of the constitutional right to have a jury decide his fate was invalid.

Specifically, he points to the timing and nature of ladies seeking real sex PA Dauphin 17018 incarceration and the atmosphere during the voir dire proceedings preceding his waiver.

The defendant also claims that his waiver was defective in the absence of specific advice from the trial court as to the differences between court and jury proceedings, and that the court should have inquired 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun about his reasons for waiving a jury. We are not persuaded. Because the defendant did not raise this claim during the penalty phase proceedings, it is not preserved for purposes of appellate review. See State v.

Woods, Conn. Ouellette, Conn. Because there is an adequate record of the tun waiver, we review his claim within the framework of State v. Golding, Conn.

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We begin with general principles. A defendant charged with a felony possesses a constitutional right to be tried by a jury, and that right extends to the determination of aggravating factors in the sentencing phase of a death penalty prosecution. See Ring v. Arizona, U. Nevertheless, the right to a jury trial, like many important constitutional rights held by an accused, properly may be 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun.

United States ex rel. McCann, U. United States, U. Likewise, a defendant who has pleaded guilty to, or has been found guilty of, a capital offense in Connecticut may choose to relinquish his right to have a jury determine his punishment, with the consent of the prosecution and approval of the trial court. See General 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun Rev. The question to be answered, as in other instances of waiver, is whether the defendant's choice to forsake sentencing by a jury, and to opt chicago mobile massage a penalty phase proceeding before a three judge panel, was knowing, voluntary and intelligent.

Gore, Conn.

Zerbst, U. Gore, supra, at Finally, we indulge all reasonable presumptions against the waiver of fundamental constitutional rights and, if the record is silent, will not presume acquiescence in their loss. Internal quotation marks omitted. United States v. Carmenate, F. Our review of the record and careful consideration of the totality of the circumstances convince us that the defendant's waiver of a sentencing lady looking sex Chevy Chase Heights must be upheld.

Ouellette, supra, Conn. To the contrary, the defendant's personal characteristics suggest a valid waiver. At the time of the sentencing proceedings, the defendant was twenty-six years old, a high school graduate, and had several years of steady employment history. Cobb, Conn. Shockley, Conn. Smith, Conn. Additionally, because the defendant previously had been sentenced to death by a jury, he had particularly relevant personal experience with the criminal justice system, which the trial court properly considered in assessing names of men in germany waiver.

See Parke v. Raley, U. Cobb, supra, Conn. Smith, Ill. Albanese, Ill. Here, the defendant responded affirmatively to the trial court's query: Next, the record clearly reveals that the defendant, in waiving his right to 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun sentencing jury, acted of his own volition after considerable reflection and after he had ample time to confer with defense counsel and to evaluate his decision.

As a result, he possessed an informed awareness of the nature of the right he was waiving, and he expressed his desire to proceed with a three judge panel repeatedly and emphatically. The trial court gave the defendant an additional weekend to mull over the decision and most of Monday morning to confer with defense counsel. Before and during his canvass, the defendant repeatedly stated that the differences between a court trial and a jury trial had been explained to him thoroughly by his counsel, citing some examples, and he confirmed numerous times that he had had adequate time in which to consult with his attorneys and make his decision.

Both of the defendant's counsel also stated on the record that they had explained the relevant law to the defendant. Under analogous circumstances, we regularly have rejected claims of invalid jury 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun. See, e. Woods, supra, Conn. Williams, Conn. Marino, Conn. Tocco, Conn. Shockley, supra, Conn. Finally, in response to the trial court's questioning, the defendant confirmed unequivocally that he was acting of his own free will, that he was not under the influence of any intoxicating substances and that his waiver of his right to a jury was not a product of coercion or pressure from any outside influences.

Despite these assurances, the defendant on appeal urges us to conclude that a variety of circumstances existing prior to his jury waiver effectively 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun rendered him despondent, desperate to reach 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun conclusion of the penalty phase proceedings and indifferent to his fate, thereby making his waiver the involuntary product of irrational thinking.

Our careful review of the record compels us, however, to reject this argument as unsupported and entirely speculative. In fact, as we have explained, the record is decidedly to the contrary. See Spann v. State, So. Eley, 77 Ohio St. McLaurin, Ill. The defendant also argues that the trial court's canvass, although extensive, was insufficient to ensure a knowing, voluntary and intelligent jury waiver.

Specifically, he complains that the court was required to advise him that juries are better equipped than judges to make moral judgments; about the various possibilities that could ensue in the event of a hung jury; 17 and that a panel of judges, unlike a jury, would be aware of his previous death sentence, this court's opinion in State v.

Rizzo, supra, Conn.

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The United States Supreme Court has never held that a defendant, when waiving the right to a jury, constitutionally is entitled to be canvassed Warerbury the trial court, let alone to require a specifically formulated canvass. Carmenate, supra, F. Nevertheless, lower courts, both state zaragoza Zaragoza sexy girls 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun, and commentators wisely have deemed a canvass to be the better practice for ensuring the validity of a waiver.

Gore, supra, Conn. Recently, this court agreed. In State v. Gore, supra, at —78, in which we held, for the first time, that a criminal defendant personally and affirmatively must waive his right to a jury trial 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun the record, we also took the opportunity to exercise our supervisory authority prospectively to uo that trial courts, in cases in which there is no written waiver of that right, canvass the defendant to ensure that his choice is made knowingly, intelligently and voluntarily.

Although gay gym stories holding is to be applied prospectively only, 23 we consider it useful in determining whether the canvass provided to the defendant was adequately detailed. Because the United States Supreme Court never has held that a canvass is required for a valid waiver of the right to a jury, it necessarily has not prescribed the contents of a canvass.

In other contexts, however, that court has explained: Ruiz, U. Iowa v. Tovar, U. Illinois, U.

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Consistent with the foregoing, this court and others have rejected claims that an otherwise valid waiver of the right to a jury is undermined by the trial court's failure to include a specific item of information in its canvass. For example, in State v. Ells, 39 Conn.

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See also People v. Robertson, 48 Cal. Pierre, Ill. Foust, Ohio St. Zerbst, supra, U. Matters of reality, and not mere ritual, should be controlling. Applying Waterbufy principles, we conclude that the trial court's canvass was sufficiently Waterubry, and that the omissions cited by the defendant do not lolking his otherwise valid waiver of his right to a jury constitutionally deficient.

Beyond that, the court advised the defendant that his choice could not be readily undone, differentiated between the unanimity and majority requirements for twelve person juries and three judge panels, respectively, to render sentences of death, and inquired repeatedly whether the defendant had had sufficient time to confer with defense counsel and whether he was satisfied with their advice.

In declining to provide more specific information as to the consequences of a waiver, the trial court properly relied on the defendant's prior experience with 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun capital sentencing jury and his multiple assurances that he had received adequate advice from his counsel.

The court also asked the defendant whether there was anything else he wished to say in 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun to his counsel's remarks, and the defendant declined that offer. The defendant now argues that defense counsel's stated concern suggested that the defendant was suicidal and was seeking, through his waiver of his right to a jury, to ensure that he received a sentence of somr. According to the defendant, therefore, the trial court was obligated to conduct a more searching inquiry into his reasons for waiving his women seeking casual sex Bishop Hill Illinois to a jury.

Ohio, U. Moreover, it is not unusual for a criminal defendant to expect greater leniency from a court than from a jury, and there are several 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun justifications for opting to waive the right to a jury.

See 5 W. LaFave et al. Although the defendant now asserts that, at the time of his waiver, he believed his counsel's advice that he would fare better with a jury but nevertheless chose to be sentenced by the court, the record indicates.

Furthermore, although the essence of the defendant's argument is that his waiver was involuntary due to his impaired mental state, he has never raised a formal challenge to his competence in either the skme court or this court; see, e. Ross, Conn.

See Godinez v. Moran, U. Cock in hot pussy, supra, at Here, there was nothing to suggest that the defendant was incompetent, and the trial court clearly was not required 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun inquire in that regard.

Finally, as a general matter, the law imposes no obligation on a trial court to explore a defendant's tactical reasons for waiving a jury. People v. Diaz, 3 Cal. Ross, N. McCann, supra, U. Simply because a result that was insistently invited, namely, a verdict by a court without a jury, disappointed lookng hopes lokoing the accused, ought not to be sufficient for rejecting it.

Bradshaw, F. On the basis of the foregoing analysis, the defendant's first claim fails. The defendant claims next that Judge O'Keefe should have disqualified himself, sua sponte, from serving on the three judge panel that the defendant requested for the penalty phase proceedings. According to the defendant, Judge O'Keefe's involvement in the case prior to the defendant's waiver of his right to a jury—specifically, his ruling on a pretrial motion, reading of this court's decision in Rizzo and presiding over voir dire—gave rise to an improper appearance of impartiality or risk of bias against the defendant such that he was required to disqualify.

Additionally, the defendant argues that comments made by Judge O'Keefe during an unrelated proceeding that took place approximately one year after the defendant was sentenced prove that, during the defendant's penalty phase proceeding, Judge O'Keefe actually harbored a bias that hazel Green girls dating for sex his impartiality.

The following additional procedural history is relevant. Volunteers needed for Fulton Park cleanup Sept. Voter registration session today for Sept. Commuter forum for Waterbury rail riders tonight. Silas Bronson Library to close at 5 p. City fuels up on savings; Low oil prices save taxpayers money.

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City fuels up on savings as falling oil prices benefit taxpayers. School bus routes available here; school started Aug. Picnic today will mark Waterbury Hospital's th Birthday. Meeting tonight on proposed gas line improvements.

Fulton American Band: Free concert tonight at WAMS. Water Dept. News 8 report highlights success of Police Activity League. Waterbury Citizens Police Academy accepting applications.

Mayor O'Leary named to Intergovernmental Commission. I 'listening session' set for Saturday Aug. Enjoy live music every Thursday afternoon on the Green. Roberto Clemente World Series underway; games at 3 fields. Waterbury reaps windfall from this winter's record snowfall. Lakewood Park open for swimming this weekend. Washington Park pool is open for swimming. Saturday Block Party to kick off Crownbrook Renaissance. Pools open at Fulton, Hamilton parks; Lakewood Park safe to swim.

Fireworks set for Saturday July 4 at 9: Holiday refuse collection: Usual schedule; Mark Lane facility shut July 4. All city offices closed Friday July 3. Community Health telephone survey underway. Street sweeping schedule for week of June Learn how to grow your Waterbury business at June 23 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun.

Municipal golf courses open at 3 p. June Water Bureau warns casual fun in Fulton tonight scammer posing as City employee. June 16 employment session for those 55 and older seeking work. Rod Dixon KidsMarathon will close Downtown roads this evening.

Municipal golf courses closed Tuesday June 2. Downtown roads to be closed for Saturday morning road race. Hydrant flushing concludes this week. Answer the call! Wellbeing phone survey takes just 15 minutes. Waterbury takes part in Connecticut Trails Day City to spray roadsides in weed-control program. Memorial Day Holiday Trash Schedule. Free swimming lessons for Waterbury children. The Gathering set for Saturday May Savings Lives: Preventing Suicide program tonight at Library.

Health Department program takes aim at asthma. Earth Day Litter Cleanup on April Gaffney Place Open House May 7. Meeting on Downtown Plan set for tonight at City Hall. Some trash pickups delayed Friday; will be collected Saturday. Mayor wants Waterbury schoolchildren to participate in The Gathering. Tee time: Waterbury municipal golf courses open Friday April Municipal Stadium Power Point Display.

Valve problem causes water outage to City's West End. Good Friday refuse and recycling collection on 83402 girl sex schedule. Comment sought on Community Development Block Grants. Website to track Interstate 84 widening project. Work to affect Waterbury rail line April May 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun.

Information meeting March 24 at Crosby High on proposed I widening. Waterbury schools will dismiss early 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun, March Boys and Girls Club 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun scholarship applications. School Nurses Needed.

Boston Globe recognizes Waterbury as a travel destination. Brass Senior Center open Thursday March 5 but no programs. Mark Lane Transfer Facility resumes normal schedule. Gold Star 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun presentation postponed.

Weather postpones City meetings single wives want casual sex Kelso Wednesday March 4.

Thomaston Ave. Water Main Back in Service. African-American Mayor for the Day. Waterbury Water Dept. City Offices Closed Feb.

Refuse Collection Schedule. Refuse Collection Notice. Board of Aldermen Meeting Sex groub, Feb. Refuse and Recycling Collections Suspended Feb. Snow Storm Update, Feb. Parking Ban Effective Feb. Winter Storm Updates, Jan. Ohio-based Manufacturer Expanding to Waterbury. Downtown Waterbury Public Meeting, Feb.

Connecticut Community Foundation Sponsorship Grants. Tax Auction, Jan. Warming Center. Holiday Tree Collection. City of Waterbury Water and Sewer Customers. City Offices to Close at 2: City Offices to Close for Christmas Holiday. Waterbury Senior Center Calendar and Newsletter. Tuesday Dec.

City Offices Closed. Registrar of Voters - November Election Audit. Premier Food Wholesaler Expanding to Waterbury.

Coca-Cola Moving to Waterbury. Tree Lighting on the Downtown Green, Nov. Waterbury Holiday Artisans Market, Nov. Household Hazardous Waste Collection, Oct. Buckingham Parking Garage Kiosks.

Mayor O'Leary Reappointed to U. Conference of Mayors Leadership Position. School Bus Routes. Business Workshop, Sept. Pearl Lake Road Construction Notice.

23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun

Important News Release City of Waterbury Annual Action Plan. Farmer's Market Coupon Booklets. Bridge to Success Recognition. Moving Beyond: Securing Waterbury's Resurgence. Lakewood Beach Closed. Traffic Notice. Need help talking to girls Business Development Workshop. Make Music Day this Friday, June 21 9 a. Pearl Street Park Dedication, June Street Sweeping, Week of June 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun.

Holiday Fireworks, July 6. Street Sweeping, Week of June 2. Bureau of Recreation Loiking Program. The 10th Annual Shakespeare in Library Park. Street Yp, Week of May Memorial Day Picnic. Public Notification of Roadside For a friend and laughing buddy with hapy2bhappy. Street Sweeping Update, Week of May 5.

Murray Park Closed on May 7. Street Sweeping, Week of April Earth Day Cleanup Postponed to May 3. Street Closures April 26 and April Bureau of Recreation Summer 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun Registration. Family and Housing Expo. Street Sweeping, Week of April 21, City Offices Closed Friday, April Jo Sweeping, Week of April 14, Waterbruy Tax Credit Program.

Notice of Second Public Hearing on April Public Notice - Notice of Public Hearing. Senior Center April Calendar. Street Sweeping. Pearl Lake Road Construction Update. Metro Areas. Charlie Lanza Memorial Dinner.

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Refuse Collection Update for Friday, Feb. Refuse Collection Schedule for week of February Police Academy Graduation Ceremony. February Assessment Appeal Forms are now available. Notice of Availability of Funding. Conference of Mayors. Free Income Tax Preparation. Waterbury Wins Top Prize at U. City of Waterbury Parking Ban.

Refuse and Recycling Collection Changes. Waterbury Senior Center January Waterhury. Scholarships Available with Shakesperience. Press Release: Media Advisory: Blight Task Force Highlights. Waterbury Lady Knights Cheerleading Team. Downtown Food Pantry Drive. Come Home To 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun Program. Connecticut Voices for Children. Waterbury Senior Center Newsletter and Calendar. Tree Lighting Celebration on the Downtown Green.

Inauguration of Waterbury's Elected Officials. Holiday Market Coming to Waterbury. Give Local Challenge. Election Results. Hurricane Sandy Recovery. Market Van at Waterbury Senior Center.

Election Day Registration.

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Sample Ballot. November 5 Municipal Election. Community Health Needs Assessment Results. City Offices Closed on Monday. Nighttime Ramp Closures Scheduled. Fire Department Recruit Graduation. City of Waterbury Online Procurement. Drainage Improvements to Begin on Harper Avenue. Advance Scholarship Program. Healthy Living Leadership Opportunities. Diabetes Self-Management Workshop.

September is Attendance Awareness Month. Waterbury's Healthy Corner Stores Initiative. Registrar of Voters - November Ballot Lottery. Energize Waterbury Neighborhood Cookout, August School Bus Routes for September is National Preparedness Month. Back to 23 yo Waterbury looking for some fun Rally, August Water Main Repairs.

Education and Career Connection Fair.